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Our Beer 101 course

The first level of Complete Beer Training

The first ingredient of our journey! We need to “collect” them all to make beer. In this level, we learn the fundamentals you need in order to be ready to serve and taste beer, distinguish beer styles, know their stories and how they developed into a primary and historical category. The course includes beer tasting and food pairing.

  • Course language: Greek
  • Total hours: 24 (12:00-16:00) 3/day
  • Exams: Last Day (30 min written and 30 min tasting)
  • Instructor: Nicola Radisis

Course outline

  • Beer Types: Top Fermentation and Bottom Fermentation
  • Beer Styles: Ales (Pale, Dark, Stout, Porter, IPA, Wheat) and Lagers (Pale, Dark, Pilsner)
  • Storing and serving beer at bars and restaurants (Glasses, Temperatures, Technics)
  • Basic beer tasting (Identify, Categorize)

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You need to be in legal drinking age. You should be careful during food pairings if you have any allergies. Please inform us. Please don’t drink and drive.