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The road to have a complete education about beer. Our famous program is now available with a new, modern structure. Learn more about your favorite drink including history, beer styles, brewing process, storing and serving methods. Theory and practice in our headquarters. Complete all three levels and you will be able to identify, taste and judge as a “Beer Sommelier”. The only educational beer program offered in three detailed levels in Greece and Cyprus.

Each course is organized in small groups (max. 10 people) in order to work equally with everyone and cover any questions. No prior knowledge is prerequisite to join the program from the beginning. The program has changed since 2019 offered in fewer hours and reduced prices.

About the program

Addressed to those who want to raise their professional level in the hospitality industry like bartenders, waiters, liquor store staff, brewery sales staff, business owners and managers.

During the sessions, beer tastings and pairings will be held. You will receive the material presented during the lectures. Certification of attendance will be provided at the end of each level.

You need to be in legal drinking age. You should be careful during food pairings if you have any allergies. Please inform us. Please don’t drink and drive.


It’s Beer 101! Learn the fundamentals you need in order to be ready to serve and taste beer, distinguish beer styles, know their stories and how they developed into a primary and historical category.


The next step is to taste more beers, learn their story and decide which one fits your food. The second step offers further beer styles and focuses in Greek Microbreweries and Southeastern Europe labels.


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Available Courses

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